Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The G20, Hooliganism and other Toronto atrocities

I haven't decided what to refer this post to as. Is it:

A rant

A blog

A treatise???

Anyway, I will comment on the recent summits that were hosted in Toronto in whatever month and year we are currently in. This circus of world leaders made some gains in the international sphere of political culture.

Sadly, the freak show that surrounds the circus completely overshadowed the main event, and forever helps in making me skeptical of anyone with an opinion on any issue for the rest of my life. (And I plan on living to see 250).

I refer of course to the thousands of pagliacci who converged on the downtown core of Toronto to "protest" the world leaders that meet to show good faith and discuss mainly economic issues. These hooligans (who are the "protestors" I referred to earlier) absolutely killed any positive international debate that could have come from the summits because they had their own selfish agendas to promote. They vandalized Canada's most beautiful city for reasons I refuse to perpetuate.

Now, answering to the hooligans was a BRILLIANTLY coordinated police force. I am being completely serious when I commend the Toronto Police Service and co for the work they did. If I found myself on the front line, there would be many severely injured protestors, but these officers showed restraint and did nothing illegal.

Yes its true, the Toronto Police acted in a legal way. Here is why:

- They don't know who has weapons in the proven violent assembly ergo everyone in the vicinity can be labelled an enemy

- The civil rights of the demonstrators do NOT outweigh mine or the civil rights of the police officers in that we have the right to live in peace, with justifiably unlawful assemblies occurring in MY CITY

- Jail is not a hotel

- Jail is NOT a hotel

Kudos to those who intended to take part in peaceful assemblies. I have little issue with road closures and the like. As long as your fists were in the sky and not wrapped around a hammer, you have my support.

Sadly, you do not have my pity at being arrested. It is a chance you take attending an assembly like the one in Toronto where the reputation of the situation precedes the event.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO PROTEST TO MAKE CHANGE! You can write a letter, schedule a meeting, but going somewhere that people's lives would be in danger is an absolute idiocy that deserves a bit of a wakeup call!

To conclude, Toronto, I am unimpressed. The majority of violent protesters have been shipped in from far away lands, but for those proud Torontonians who took part in an angry violent outburst.

Thank you

for making us all look like complete jerkoffs


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