Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The G20, Hooliganism and other Toronto atrocities

I haven't decided what to refer this post to as. Is it:

A rant

A blog

A treatise???

Anyway, I will comment on the recent summits that were hosted in Toronto in whatever month and year we are currently in. This circus of world leaders made some gains in the international sphere of political culture.

Sadly, the freak show that surrounds the circus completely overshadowed the main event, and forever helps in making me skeptical of anyone with an opinion on any issue for the rest of my life. (And I plan on living to see 250).

I refer of course to the thousands of pagliacci who converged on the downtown core of Toronto to "protest" the world leaders that meet to show good faith and discuss mainly economic issues. These hooligans (who are the "protestors" I referred to earlier) absolutely killed any positive international debate that could have come from the summits because they had their own selfish agendas to promote. They vandalized Canada's most beautiful city for reasons I refuse to perpetuate.

Now, answering to the hooligans was a BRILLIANTLY coordinated police force. I am being completely serious when I commend the Toronto Police Service and co for the work they did. If I found myself on the front line, there would be many severely injured protestors, but these officers showed restraint and did nothing illegal.

Yes its true, the Toronto Police acted in a legal way. Here is why:

- They don't know who has weapons in the proven violent assembly ergo everyone in the vicinity can be labelled an enemy

- The civil rights of the demonstrators do NOT outweigh mine or the civil rights of the police officers in that we have the right to live in peace, with justifiably unlawful assemblies occurring in MY CITY

- Jail is not a hotel

- Jail is NOT a hotel

Kudos to those who intended to take part in peaceful assemblies. I have little issue with road closures and the like. As long as your fists were in the sky and not wrapped around a hammer, you have my support.

Sadly, you do not have my pity at being arrested. It is a chance you take attending an assembly like the one in Toronto where the reputation of the situation precedes the event.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO PROTEST TO MAKE CHANGE! You can write a letter, schedule a meeting, but going somewhere that people's lives would be in danger is an absolute idiocy that deserves a bit of a wakeup call!

To conclude, Toronto, I am unimpressed. The majority of violent protesters have been shipped in from far away lands, but for those proud Torontonians who took part in an angry violent outburst.

Thank you

for making us all look like complete jerkoffs


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Summer on the horizon

Schoooooools out... for... SUMMER

sort of

My summer will consist of office work, drudgery and other fun things. I have a bit of a list going of places I need to visit, and things I want to do, and people I want to spend time with, so hopefully all of my (and your) wildest dreams come true! I need this change fo pace, so a nice mix of friends and work will be good... and some income would be nice as well.

To stick to the theme of the blog, lets talk about office fashion. I have a typical "Sal" cutout outfits I wear. I have probably 3-4 pairs of pants that I alternate. The classic black. A brown pair. A grey pair. A khaki coloured pair. Then a mixed assortment of shirts. I wore purple a lot last/this year, which was supposedly in, but I want to change things up. I guess that means some work clothes shopping is in order. Is it too late to pick up a trench/rain coat? Who cares really... if I missed the trend, I missed it, but I still need some sort of coat that can be dressed up or dressed down. Who knows where I can get one?

What else... depressing music evening is upon us


Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley

So depressing... why is it on repeat? Who knows!

Exams are over. Strangely I will miss school. I miss the hustle and bustle. Being able to leave Maple. Mostly, the people. Chilling with people who complain 24/7, sit around in a blue lagoon of couches, gitz, and smack talk. All the folks that I can sit and speak with, converse about life, love, music, sport and anything in between. I'll miss that stuff.

The work world awaits, and I plan on tackling it head on. Working full time in an office environment takes its toll after a while, but I plan on enjoying it while it lasts!

So now... here is my summer to do list:

-See the sights
-See the friends
-Make some money
-See TFC
-See the Blue Jays
-See some 3d movies
-Look at stars
-Learn a dance

I don't know... suggestions anyone?

Anyway... it's getting late... i need to be off... doing nothing elsewhere. Sorry for this uninspired post. They'll get better. I promise


Monday, February 22, 2010

Allow me to re-introduce myself...

It has been a long while but I'm back people!

Went on a cruise to the not so sunny Caribbean, and it was fun nevertheless.

I know it has been a while but I'm back.

anyway... trying to get back into things

Its exam season which always proves to be a true test of wit. I've been doing well. No heavy duty partying, nothing unsavoury, just cleaning up my act. Went to see Alice in Wonderland, which was a spectacle. I don't really remember the plot at all, mainly the visuals and I can assure you the stunning 3d special effects do not disappoint.

The film is set in some historical period I care not to explain, but for some reason Victorian seems like a word that would describe it... maybe earlier. Anyway, pretty little Alice is 19 now, might be getting married to some ginger and then (SPOILER ALERT) she goes to wonderland as the title suggests. While there she fights some bad guys I believe, but the lessons she learned are more valuable than the countless lives she saves in the imaginary realm. Its funny because I have no recollection at all of how she got back to the planet Earth.


Anyhow, she learned that people can't be told how to live their lives, or how to make decisions. The only way of doing so is to be your own person, and think for yourself.

Therefor, my summer resolution is to be less notoriously indecisive, which was made PAINFULLY apparent on several semi recent outings when you look to the person you're with and end up spending hours asking "What do u wanna do, what do you wanna do, whats open".

What else has happened. Condolences to the people of Poland on the untimely loss of their political leader.

Listening to some scary Mars Volta lol.

Juventus is garbage, Lionel Messi is golden.

And life is just generally looking up. I have a nice full summer to look forward to and I hope to continue writing random stuff till the internet packs up and goes away!

Alright folks... Im back... thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more!