Saturday, January 30, 2010



January 29th 2010 will go down in history as the day my illustrious calculator watch arrived in the mail.

The casio (insert model number here) is the image of perfection. I forecasted that crazy watches would be pretty big in 2010, so im insanely happy to have this puppy on my wrist. Tells time, gets numbers, tells me about timezones and daylight savings. This watch has changed my life on many levels. It symbolizes the commencement of my internet purchase campaign... at the behest of resident online shopping expert Dario Carpino. Hes so bomb.

Anyway, I was afraid of online shopping for no reason. I bought from a "Top rated" eBay seller, got my watch *relatively* punctually, and best of all I dont feel ripped off. Considering how much I like material goods, I have a scary bad case of buyers remorse in everything I do. This watch coming and making me very happy is rare, as few things excite me.

This timepiece will be a conversation piece... so if you see me... come on over... ask to play with it... but your number in... maybe we can all make it catch on. Together!

And also... respect to Miike Snow - Song for no one for providing the soundtrack for this writing session!

Friday, January 29, 2010


SMC's notorious parties have struck again once more. And I like to live by a don't ask don't tell policy. But thats all out the window on this edition of the mens "fashion" blog I was supposedly keeping.


Men and women from the University of Toronto converged on embassy nightclub in downtown Toronto. Many stood in line and entered later on in the evening. Inside the nightclub there were reasonably priced drinks and drink tickets so graciously offered by SMCSU. The theme of the night was "Cowboys and Schoolgirls".

And there you have it... thats the tell all.

It doesn't matter what you saw me doing... i looked pretty fresh though. I dressed as a schoolBOY, wore my good old Joan swag, with jeans, a sweater and shoes that were NOT quite all black. Mad respect to all of my joan folks!!!

The jeans glimmered in the lighting of the club and the shirt served its purpose. To identify me, and make me feel part of the community. Thanks SJA!!!!!

(as an aside, I wore the Sambas as my prototypical schoolboy shoe... we all remember styling it up in indoors as kids. I wore the same green and black Lotto's till the 9th grade!!!!!!)

The music was actually quite good from what I can recall. Mainly DJ DyNASTY!! (Amir Torabi) on the 1s and 2s ripping it up as usual. They actually played stuff I requested at this event. 2 tracks off Angello's release "The Yearbook" - Show me love and LEave this world behind. As well as some Major Lazer which I think is sick. I'm not a dancehall SHANNA PAUL kinda guy... but the vibe on "Pon de floo" is pretty dece!

Back to the club. People get silly and act sillily, but the question looms:

Are drunken actions truly sober thoughts????

I'll leave you with that haunting question.

Till next time, In Spirit and Truth (Bonus points for whoever can tell me where that little quote is from)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Finally, the cold weather has returned to Toronto. It is January, there should be cold weather alerts, people complaining.... and yet I hear no complaint. Is this global warming in action? Maybe it is my brain shutting off and turning to mush over the monstrous amont of work on my plate???

Whatever the case the weather has been generally unseasonable. Warmer than usual despite the mild nature of the day. I went with the sambas. Not the most warm choice, but still versatile enough to handle the unpredictable U of T terrain. Also... found a Juventus shirt that didn't quite fit well and does now. Isn't that the best thing. Finding clothes you gave up on and then having them come back with a major game time decision. Sick shirt... not so sick team, but I'll leave that to another blog.

Musically, Adge clued me into a new wave that was mentioned on other blogs in Toronto that I'm currently reppin' hard. Major Lazer, check em out

It has been one of those weeks where everything and nothing goes your way... naw mean? I'll probably keep you posted if anything notable happens.

What else... im typing notes... looking for inspiration.

Maybe not my best entry but im keeping it going.

Peace kids!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Language Barrier

For some reason people think I have some special insight into the human mind. Some sort of 7th sense that somehow reads into situations and allows me to give advice resulting in the outcome of their dreams.

Recently, a friend asked me why, when she told a certain male that she needed "TIME" did he run for dear life. All she was implying was that she was not ready to "settle down" or "simma dan nah" as the kids say, but the result was extremely unfavourable for her and now she is left feeling melancholy as the notion of "needing time".

In my years of experience, I can conclude that despite not being too savvy with matters of the heart, I am quite savvy with matters of communication. I currently am addicted to:

-message boards

you get the picture.

All I can say in this situation with extreme certainty is that there was a lapse in communication. As a male, I know that she says "I need time" and I hear, "You're a loser and I want time AWAY from you". It sucks to hear and girls will say "I DIDNT MEAN IT THAT WAY".


You're sounding like a Charlie Brown adult WAH WAH WAH WAH I DONT LIKE YOU WAH WAH


Monday, January 25, 2010

Fashion Posts

So along with writing about random shit all the time, I figure I, along with some co-conspirators will talk about stuff thats going on with us. Maybe the world will find us interesting?

So as of late, the weather has been unseasonable to say the least. Making modern attire difficult. My clothes are either too warm are to cold.. and seeing as how today is January 25th and 8 degrees CELSIUS. That is quite warm for all of you American readers.. assuming anyone ever reads this.

Meteorology makes shoe selection quite difficult. At the present moment, the snow is melting on groggy grey University of Toronto campus and I find myself wearing a 3 week old pair of Adidas Sambas that are actually quite war and versatile.

This but grey. They're nice shoes, don't get me wrong but they're not quite practical for this wet, soggy day.

The sad part is, my main alternative to feeling soaked due to rain is feeling soaked due to sweat.... I present to you the Sorel boot. Probably the biggest mens boot for 2010. I've seen them in a few stores and on a few different very attractive women and some men too.

They're not bad, but SOOOOO warm... too warm.

Tell me internet, am I being silly here? What should I have done? Is there an in between shoe? Whats up with this?