Saturday, January 30, 2010



January 29th 2010 will go down in history as the day my illustrious calculator watch arrived in the mail.

The casio (insert model number here) is the image of perfection. I forecasted that crazy watches would be pretty big in 2010, so im insanely happy to have this puppy on my wrist. Tells time, gets numbers, tells me about timezones and daylight savings. This watch has changed my life on many levels. It symbolizes the commencement of my internet purchase campaign... at the behest of resident online shopping expert Dario Carpino. Hes so bomb.

Anyway, I was afraid of online shopping for no reason. I bought from a "Top rated" eBay seller, got my watch *relatively* punctually, and best of all I dont feel ripped off. Considering how much I like material goods, I have a scary bad case of buyers remorse in everything I do. This watch coming and making me very happy is rare, as few things excite me.

This timepiece will be a conversation piece... so if you see me... come on over... ask to play with it... but your number in... maybe we can all make it catch on. Together!

And also... respect to Miike Snow - Song for no one for providing the soundtrack for this writing session!

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