Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The G20, Hooliganism and other Toronto atrocities

I haven't decided what to refer this post to as. Is it:

A rant

A blog

A treatise???

Anyway, I will comment on the recent summits that were hosted in Toronto in whatever month and year we are currently in. This circus of world leaders made some gains in the international sphere of political culture.

Sadly, the freak show that surrounds the circus completely overshadowed the main event, and forever helps in making me skeptical of anyone with an opinion on any issue for the rest of my life. (And I plan on living to see 250).

I refer of course to the thousands of pagliacci who converged on the downtown core of Toronto to "protest" the world leaders that meet to show good faith and discuss mainly economic issues. These hooligans (who are the "protestors" I referred to earlier) absolutely killed any positive international debate that could have come from the summits because they had their own selfish agendas to promote. They vandalized Canada's most beautiful city for reasons I refuse to perpetuate.

Now, answering to the hooligans was a BRILLIANTLY coordinated police force. I am being completely serious when I commend the Toronto Police Service and co for the work they did. If I found myself on the front line, there would be many severely injured protestors, but these officers showed restraint and did nothing illegal.

Yes its true, the Toronto Police acted in a legal way. Here is why:

- They don't know who has weapons in the proven violent assembly ergo everyone in the vicinity can be labelled an enemy

- The civil rights of the demonstrators do NOT outweigh mine or the civil rights of the police officers in that we have the right to live in peace, with justifiably unlawful assemblies occurring in MY CITY

- Jail is not a hotel

- Jail is NOT a hotel

Kudos to those who intended to take part in peaceful assemblies. I have little issue with road closures and the like. As long as your fists were in the sky and not wrapped around a hammer, you have my support.

Sadly, you do not have my pity at being arrested. It is a chance you take attending an assembly like the one in Toronto where the reputation of the situation precedes the event.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO PROTEST TO MAKE CHANGE! You can write a letter, schedule a meeting, but going somewhere that people's lives would be in danger is an absolute idiocy that deserves a bit of a wakeup call!

To conclude, Toronto, I am unimpressed. The majority of violent protesters have been shipped in from far away lands, but for those proud Torontonians who took part in an angry violent outburst.

Thank you

for making us all look like complete jerkoffs


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Summer on the horizon

Schoooooools out... for... SUMMER

sort of

My summer will consist of office work, drudgery and other fun things. I have a bit of a list going of places I need to visit, and things I want to do, and people I want to spend time with, so hopefully all of my (and your) wildest dreams come true! I need this change fo pace, so a nice mix of friends and work will be good... and some income would be nice as well.

To stick to the theme of the blog, lets talk about office fashion. I have a typical "Sal" cutout outfits I wear. I have probably 3-4 pairs of pants that I alternate. The classic black. A brown pair. A grey pair. A khaki coloured pair. Then a mixed assortment of shirts. I wore purple a lot last/this year, which was supposedly in, but I want to change things up. I guess that means some work clothes shopping is in order. Is it too late to pick up a trench/rain coat? Who cares really... if I missed the trend, I missed it, but I still need some sort of coat that can be dressed up or dressed down. Who knows where I can get one?

What else... depressing music evening is upon us


Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley

So depressing... why is it on repeat? Who knows!

Exams are over. Strangely I will miss school. I miss the hustle and bustle. Being able to leave Maple. Mostly, the people. Chilling with people who complain 24/7, sit around in a blue lagoon of couches, gitz, and smack talk. All the folks that I can sit and speak with, converse about life, love, music, sport and anything in between. I'll miss that stuff.

The work world awaits, and I plan on tackling it head on. Working full time in an office environment takes its toll after a while, but I plan on enjoying it while it lasts!

So now... here is my summer to do list:

-See the sights
-See the friends
-Make some money
-See TFC
-See the Blue Jays
-See some 3d movies
-Look at stars
-Learn a dance

I don't know... suggestions anyone?

Anyway... it's getting late... i need to be off... doing nothing elsewhere. Sorry for this uninspired post. They'll get better. I promise


Monday, February 22, 2010

Allow me to re-introduce myself...

It has been a long while but I'm back people!

Went on a cruise to the not so sunny Caribbean, and it was fun nevertheless.

I know it has been a while but I'm back.

anyway... trying to get back into things

Its exam season which always proves to be a true test of wit. I've been doing well. No heavy duty partying, nothing unsavoury, just cleaning up my act. Went to see Alice in Wonderland, which was a spectacle. I don't really remember the plot at all, mainly the visuals and I can assure you the stunning 3d special effects do not disappoint.

The film is set in some historical period I care not to explain, but for some reason Victorian seems like a word that would describe it... maybe earlier. Anyway, pretty little Alice is 19 now, might be getting married to some ginger and then (SPOILER ALERT) she goes to wonderland as the title suggests. While there she fights some bad guys I believe, but the lessons she learned are more valuable than the countless lives she saves in the imaginary realm. Its funny because I have no recollection at all of how she got back to the planet Earth.


Anyhow, she learned that people can't be told how to live their lives, or how to make decisions. The only way of doing so is to be your own person, and think for yourself.

Therefor, my summer resolution is to be less notoriously indecisive, which was made PAINFULLY apparent on several semi recent outings when you look to the person you're with and end up spending hours asking "What do u wanna do, what do you wanna do, whats open".

What else has happened. Condolences to the people of Poland on the untimely loss of their political leader.

Listening to some scary Mars Volta lol.

Juventus is garbage, Lionel Messi is golden.

And life is just generally looking up. I have a nice full summer to look forward to and I hope to continue writing random stuff till the internet packs up and goes away!

Alright folks... Im back... thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Guest Submission - Stephanie Carbone

The second in my series of guest submissions. This one from another up and coming blogger... eventually... The Socialite Tea Party. Keep your eyes PEELED for that one... here is Stephanie Carbone's look at the fashion of Alexander McQueen.

Yesterday, one of the most highly praised and fashion-forward designers of our time passed away suddenly, leaving the fashion world devastated and speechless. Lee Alexander McQueen will forever be remembered not just for his beautifully unique designs, but his ability to present his collections as distinctive works of art. What McQueen accomplished in his life was not merely that of a designer but an ingenious artist, who transformed displays of clothing into avant-garde spectacles, creating fashion shows that were mind-blowing presentations of his work. His technique was one that in the process of creating his shows, sculpting clothes on a woman’s figure became an art that was nothing short of extravagant displays of his extraordinary talent. Today, we will remember McQueen not for his death and not even for the drama that surrounded his life. Instead, we will recall how McQueen spent his time as a monumental element of the fashion world and how great a contribution he truly was, influencing other designers to further push the envelope in eccentric ways and treating clothes as individual art pieces creatively sculpted for the female form.

The English style icon first began as head designer for the illustrious House of Givenchy, filling the enormous shoes of his predecessor, John Galliano. McQueen’s controversial stay with Givenchy lasted only five years. He greatly desired to explore other opportunities in designing and with that, he founded his own labels, Alexander McQueen and McQ, which he has headed since 2001. His unconventional pieces and the element of drama in his style is favourable amongst artists such as Rihanna, Lady GaGa and Bj√∂rk. McQueen has also expressed his ingenuity in the past partnering with Gucci, Puma, and MAC displaying his diversity in all areas of the industry. While he may no longer be with us, the House of Alexander McQueen will forever live on in the world as a showcase of his talent and true originality. Both collections will forever remain examples of what it truly means to bring fashion into the future, to constantly strive to be different and original. The style of the House of Alexander McQueen was widely envied by other designers in the fashion industry but there is no way that it could ever be duplicated – Alexander McQueen was an individual and a legend, and he will be deeply missed.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Guest Submission - Amir Torabi

Amir is on his way to Bermuda... this is what he's sayin'

"Good morning Mr. Torabi, Welcome to Air Canada! How may I assist you today?"
Wait a second... have I somehow transformed into a celebrity over night? Or am I that threatening in an airport that I must be treated with ultimate grace in order to prevent me from getting upset and taking my anger out on the plane. (It doesn’t help when more than a few names on the terror watch list match yours).

Usually when I step into Pearson airport I’m greeted with the grumpy voice of visible minorities (like myself) who have assumed the job of taking out their anger on the thousands of passengers they see each day. My bag is probably tossed around like the artificial salad I’m fed on the plane, it’s like the groundskeepers are competing to see who can rip the most handles off of suitcases. Not to mention the line-up for Tim Horton’s is longer than the one at customs and by the time it’s my turn to order they seem to be out of everything bagels every friggen time. But not to fear, I whisper to myself, soon I will be on the comfort of a plane, ill spot out that hot stewardess, flirt and get that extra bag of pretzels that will make me feel golden. Not only is the Persian guy whispering to himself scaring my fellow passengers but it’s also creating false hope. I always end up in the seat that makes me feel like I’m doing reverse sit-ups, the pillow seems to be wet and/or stained and the person beside me either loves to talk or loves to snore OR on odd occasions, sometimes both.

I could continue on about how the food seems worse than the Canada Room (shout-out to all my res students) or how I always get told to wait at the gate because “my row has not been called”. But instead I will treat you to the story of my latest experience – first class. My reading week getaway was booked for Wednesday at 8am – Toronto to Bermuda. Travelling with one of my good buddies, Daniel Morad. I was lucky that he is a Super Elite with Air Canada. Today’s interactive quiz: Is he super elite because he travels a lot or because he is really good at pulling scamsI direct you to where you will find the answer. 

We walked into the shiny terminal 1 of Pearson at 6am and as Dan trailed behind, I got into the long check-in line. “WTF are you doing?” he shouted in the airport (probably not a wise decision in hindsight). I looked behind me expecting him to start another fight as he always does; I realized that he was standing at the front of the line for the Super Elites. After checking in our overweight bags – that would’ve run me upwards of 50$ had I still been in the scrub section that is economy, we watched the check-in agent place a shiny orange sticker on our bags saying “Priority” or as you say in French “Lucky Mother Fuckers”. 
For once, my bag wouldn’t be treated like it was Frank Ribery’s face and instead treated with class and elegance – (hmm...Cristiano Ronaldo??).

We then followed up to the security checks where we again had line-bypass. I thought this was the end of my incredible journey but it was just the beginning. The Air Canada lounge, equipped with breakfast, TV’s, internet, showers and.... alcohol was our next stop. All that is fine and gravy but to add some icing on the cake my fellow Super Elite members: Jose Calderon, Rasho Nesterovic, Andrea Bargnani and Marco Bellinelli – of the Toronto Raptors, showed up. We chatted with Jose and his pregnant wife took pictures with the fellas’ and went on our way.

We have been treated like kings. Our flight got cancelled on day 1, and I sit here typing this as it has been postponed 8 hours. Yet we’re tipsy off of vodka and walking around like we’re the Presidents of Uganda (I have no clue about the political structure of the Ugandanese government so don’t quote me on this). And we’ve yet to board onto our FIRST CLASS SEATS! Haha It all makes sense to me now when I was 4 years old and asked my mom what “Amir” means. The definition? Prince. And boy do I feel like one right now. Next time I board on an economy flight I will tell the person sitting beside me that I was treated like a prince and he/she CAN BE TOO! (This is not an endorsement for aircanada but while I’m speaking about endorsements check me out on facebook DJ Dynasty.)

From an area that you may never enter in your life, 

Amir Torabi

with admiration from Daniel Morad ( coming to a club night near you). 

Thanks Amir... have fun budddyyyy!!!!

He shoots, He scores!!!!!!! CONTINUED????

So after reading this particular blog post, I was made scarily aware of a fallacy I had committing regarding the nature of Haleigh King's Toronto Maple Leaf fandom. She cornered me, and VERY angrily alerted me to the fact that she is ALWAYS representing TML in her daily life, showing me her Toronto clad Blackberry to prove it.

With this agression she made an extremely valid point that I must commend her on. She made it clear that it is difficult for females to wear something as masculine as a hockey jersey. I must commend her on her masterful accessorizing and making her TML passion into sexy and feminine options. Jersey party.. case and point!!!!!

Today will also be a 3 post wonder as Amir Torabi has decided to enlighten us on his travels so far this week!

That said, have a great day folks and I'll talk you all later!!

He shoots, He scores!!!!!!!

A common staple in the wardrobe of many men and fewer women is the illustrious genre of sports apparel. Albeit not appropriate for weddings and many other social occasions, sports clothing can actually be the most fun items to wear on a daily basis. Personally, I am know to rock the team that I adamantly support, Juventus. I do this because their kits are generally coloured in a very appealing pallet. Today, I happen to be wearing their 2008 alternate jersey, a sky blue interpretation with some yellows and the typical bianconero insignia on the chest, along with the NEW HOLLAND label written across my chest.

This combination of shades gives me the opportunity to wear colours I really like, without looking like a complete maniac.

The opportunity to wear sports jerseys is actually quite interesting. I love it when I see jerseys that are somewhat uncommon to see, and guessing their top stars that may grace the back of the kit is a hobby of mine. Props to people who buy teams outside of their domestic league they support.

As an avid Serie A follower, I would consider it treason to wear anything other than Juventus paraphernalia for the most part, but in recent months, I've come to accept the legitimacy of foreign leagues! This culminated in me purchasing an '08 Barcelona jersey.

Wearing the "Blaugrana" on my shoulders has been quite a liberating experience as I not only love the way the Catalans play their game, but I also enjoy having UNICEF on my chest along with "El Cant del Barca" on my neck. Their hymn is quite inspiring and I'm all about the things I do meaning something.

In concluding the soccer talk, mad big ups to Angelo Veneziano for actually buying a Werder Bremen Diego jersey, and my condolences for jumping the gun and buying that sucker before you could have picked up a fresh Diego on an infinitely nicer striped sweater. Also, notable mention goes to Domenico Pugliese for reppin the Turin giants 340 days out of the year in some respect. Thats a type of devotion that remains unheard of, and would even puzzle a leaf fan of Haleigh King's calibre.

On the matter of hockey attire, I'm a stupid, stupid leaf fan, and have always been, but my current style prohibits me from wearing my XXXXXXL TML Gilmour 93 sweater. Although I love wearing that shirt on the ice, day to day it becomes difficult. It makes me look silly when I wear slim leg pants and this sleeping bag of a sweater over top.

The newer Reebok models of the jerseys have been tapered and fit more snugly, so a JACKSHOW like Adrian Dalla Corte can wear the jersey, and not worry about having his muscles bulge because they show... AND HOW!

Anyway, my current attire inspired me to talk about sportswear on this lovely Thursday morning. You may not hear from me for a week or so as I will be going on VACATION, so expect a tanned and extremely Euro clad Sal blog for you in the fast approaching future. Also, if anyone thinks along the same lines that I do about anything, feel free to send me a blog post about something that interests you and I'll be more than happy to help you share it with people using my blog space.

Thanks to The Mars Volta - Goliath for my soundtrack this time!

I've been in a such a sick mood recently, hopefully it stays that way despite the LUDICROUS amount of work I need to do in the next week.

Peace and love!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


LOL etiquette

I know you're thinking this is probably the dumbest idea for a blog post as there are already numerous facebook groups and notes about LOL.

With these fine groups as examples, you can the see the societal effect of LOL on interactions. Firstly, lets define LOL. Laugh out loud, right? For some it means lots of love, others, lots of luck but for us right here... it will reflect the 1st and most obvious meaning I suggested.

LOL is the most versatile thing in the world. Example.

I really dislike you



does that the dislike ok? In my experience... yes it does. I've sent people the most embarrassing things in my time. Very intimate details and sure enough as soon as the LOL was thrown into the equation all is well. No harm no foul! Has this ever happened to anyone else?

Its sort of like... you sit beside your cell phone crying all night... and you send out a really rough comment... and you type LOL and suddenly it is ALL GOOD. I love that society has allowed these 3 letters to save me from so many awkward situations.

Now if only I could work on my real life awkward LOL moments :S

It is also versatile in the sense that it gives you so many words in such a small place. LOL can mean "I understand exactly what you mean"... it can say "dont worry about how lame that last comment was, I'm still with you!"

sadly and lastly ... LOL is used as the dreadful

"I have nothing left to say, this conversation should be over"


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's gonna take a lot more the coupons to get us SAVED!!!

KanYe West may be one of the most hated people in the world right now, but.....

actually I have no rebuttal for that. He is and it is UNDENIABLE. Sadly... I am a massive Kanye fan. I appreciate his swagger, rap, beats and style... and his attitude. Recently, Ye was implicated in a scandal that rocked his already tarnished public image. He was spotted with arm candy Amber Rose at a Paris fashion week event. This is absolutely normal for Kanye, but the thing that really set some people off was the couple's attire...

The issue is not with:
-her scantily clad legs
-lack of massive bling

It was the coats that had the terrorists over at PETA a little bit upset. These fine furs may be toasty warm, but in this modern age of futuristic methods of coat manufacturing, is it really necessary to skin X number of chinchillas to make a coat that will likely end up in the closet forgotten?

Kanye's rebuttal, although I am NOT making my views on the fur issue 100% to maintain *integrity* (Yeah right), was actually quite inspiring.

"When it's all said and done, remember the fearless, remember the dreamers, remember those who represent the ghetto ... The fairy tale of nothing to something,"

The response from the icon is exactly what you would expect. Cocky, arrogant, opinionated and seeming useless. But there are indeed messages we can draw from the assertions from the megastar. He talks about how "FASHION EXPERTS" may criticize, but in reality, what do they know anyway. The man wore "Shutter Shades" - while actually living his life. These impractical "sunglasses" are completely ridiculous, but symbolize the cutting edge element to Mr. West. His prowess in dress sets him apart. He is not one to wear "Pret a Porter" nonsense. Only haute couture for Mr. West.

The willingness to make so many people unhappy is what drives change in the world. He is setting trends for Europeans, which is extremely rare in any case! The fur may have been the last straw, and it doesn't help that I googled him this morning and saw that he threw a tantrum on an airplane!

My thoughts.... there are other ways to approach fur.. maybe fake.... but like... INSANELY OBVIOUSLY FAKE. With some whack patterns that look stupid... maybe some colours we havent seen before. Then you run the risk of looking like Snoop Dogg's pimp posse. But still... the fur is overkill 'Ye. It is one thing to represent runways, but another thing to respect creation. You rapped Jesus Walks, but have no intention of letting His Father's creations walk with Jesus too.

You can let Jesus walk with the hustlers, killers, murderers and drug dealers.... even the strippers. But not the animals?

Aside from the noise... just listen to his beats and his rhymes. Hes Brilliant... GAME OVER!

Thanks to Kanye for this weeks soundtrack

Crack Music and Touch the Sky - Kanye West

Till next time peeps

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Keeping Warm in a cold world

Exam time, essay time, stress time... and you know what that means kids... IM WRITING ANOTHER IDIOTIC POST.

It's been a few days since the last one... I've had some personal stuff but I'm back.

The weather bores me. It means everyone needs to be bundled and covered, but in reality people are taking advantage of the weather to try some new stuff. Some one decided big coats were overrated but tell that to the legions of people wearing Canada Goose Jackets. Whoever said that probably never walked through any sector of U of T. Everyone no matter what college, program or ethnic background... has been seen in and around these coats... But is it too late to get on the Canada Goose tip?

I think its probably about to peek soon. They're a tad on the COSTLY side of the spectrum, and thanks to Chris Sivry, I was made aware than using Goose down is actually illegal in Canada. If you're allergic to Duck - Stay away.

Otherwise its pretty cool. I like the material for the most part. It seems durable, but also easy to wear hanging open so you can let some scarves or other accessories hang out. If you're wearing some bling worth $100K, you should deff look into a loud colour for this coat... and no matter the temperature, wear this thing wide open, rock some shades and enjoy being rich. As they say, "I've been rich and I've been poor... and its better being rich!"

For me... I like to wear the HOBO coat I bought last year from H&M, which is essentially the source of everything I wear. It's not really too warm, or too tidy, it looks more messy and old school, but I think I rock it O.K. Last year it was ZANY for me because no one had coats like this, but I'm happy people embrace the big coat this year.

What about pea coats... they're very practical, with their pockets and warmth, AND they're almost as cool as they we're when sailors wore them, and they're more affordable and versatile. They're actually very warm. I have an OLD NAVY one I bought last year and it is actually quite nice. It is a bit big as I still have to grow into it... thanks Mammina!

Meh, other than that my life has been uneventful. I've been complaining about "issues" I've been having in my own petty personal life, but on the grand scheme. Who cares.... my native high school. St. Joan of Arc CHS in Maple, Ontario has lost 3 students this year so far to accidents in the streets of the province. My deepest condolences go out to the families of the victims, and to the SJA community who is already nursing wounds from the death of another brother earlier in the year!

Thanks to The Clash - London Calling for the soundtrack for this post... and some coldplay... i think the song is called 42.

London is drowning and I live by the river!

Saturday, January 30, 2010



January 29th 2010 will go down in history as the day my illustrious calculator watch arrived in the mail.

The casio (insert model number here) is the image of perfection. I forecasted that crazy watches would be pretty big in 2010, so im insanely happy to have this puppy on my wrist. Tells time, gets numbers, tells me about timezones and daylight savings. This watch has changed my life on many levels. It symbolizes the commencement of my internet purchase campaign... at the behest of resident online shopping expert Dario Carpino. Hes so bomb.

Anyway, I was afraid of online shopping for no reason. I bought from a "Top rated" eBay seller, got my watch *relatively* punctually, and best of all I dont feel ripped off. Considering how much I like material goods, I have a scary bad case of buyers remorse in everything I do. This watch coming and making me very happy is rare, as few things excite me.

This timepiece will be a conversation piece... so if you see me... come on over... ask to play with it... but your number in... maybe we can all make it catch on. Together!

And also... respect to Miike Snow - Song for no one for providing the soundtrack for this writing session!

Friday, January 29, 2010


SMC's notorious parties have struck again once more. And I like to live by a don't ask don't tell policy. But thats all out the window on this edition of the mens "fashion" blog I was supposedly keeping.


Men and women from the University of Toronto converged on embassy nightclub in downtown Toronto. Many stood in line and entered later on in the evening. Inside the nightclub there were reasonably priced drinks and drink tickets so graciously offered by SMCSU. The theme of the night was "Cowboys and Schoolgirls".

And there you have it... thats the tell all.

It doesn't matter what you saw me doing... i looked pretty fresh though. I dressed as a schoolBOY, wore my good old Joan swag, with jeans, a sweater and shoes that were NOT quite all black. Mad respect to all of my joan folks!!!

The jeans glimmered in the lighting of the club and the shirt served its purpose. To identify me, and make me feel part of the community. Thanks SJA!!!!!

(as an aside, I wore the Sambas as my prototypical schoolboy shoe... we all remember styling it up in indoors as kids. I wore the same green and black Lotto's till the 9th grade!!!!!!)

The music was actually quite good from what I can recall. Mainly DJ DyNASTY!! (Amir Torabi) on the 1s and 2s ripping it up as usual. They actually played stuff I requested at this event. 2 tracks off Angello's release "The Yearbook" - Show me love and LEave this world behind. As well as some Major Lazer which I think is sick. I'm not a dancehall SHANNA PAUL kinda guy... but the vibe on "Pon de floo" is pretty dece!

Back to the club. People get silly and act sillily, but the question looms:

Are drunken actions truly sober thoughts????

I'll leave you with that haunting question.

Till next time, In Spirit and Truth (Bonus points for whoever can tell me where that little quote is from)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Finally, the cold weather has returned to Toronto. It is January, there should be cold weather alerts, people complaining.... and yet I hear no complaint. Is this global warming in action? Maybe it is my brain shutting off and turning to mush over the monstrous amont of work on my plate???

Whatever the case the weather has been generally unseasonable. Warmer than usual despite the mild nature of the day. I went with the sambas. Not the most warm choice, but still versatile enough to handle the unpredictable U of T terrain. Also... found a Juventus shirt that didn't quite fit well and does now. Isn't that the best thing. Finding clothes you gave up on and then having them come back with a major game time decision. Sick shirt... not so sick team, but I'll leave that to another blog.

Musically, Adge clued me into a new wave that was mentioned on other blogs in Toronto that I'm currently reppin' hard. Major Lazer, check em out

It has been one of those weeks where everything and nothing goes your way... naw mean? I'll probably keep you posted if anything notable happens.

What else... im typing notes... looking for inspiration.

Maybe not my best entry but im keeping it going.

Peace kids!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Language Barrier

For some reason people think I have some special insight into the human mind. Some sort of 7th sense that somehow reads into situations and allows me to give advice resulting in the outcome of their dreams.

Recently, a friend asked me why, when she told a certain male that she needed "TIME" did he run for dear life. All she was implying was that she was not ready to "settle down" or "simma dan nah" as the kids say, but the result was extremely unfavourable for her and now she is left feeling melancholy as the notion of "needing time".

In my years of experience, I can conclude that despite not being too savvy with matters of the heart, I am quite savvy with matters of communication. I currently am addicted to:

-message boards

you get the picture.

All I can say in this situation with extreme certainty is that there was a lapse in communication. As a male, I know that she says "I need time" and I hear, "You're a loser and I want time AWAY from you". It sucks to hear and girls will say "I DIDNT MEAN IT THAT WAY".


You're sounding like a Charlie Brown adult WAH WAH WAH WAH I DONT LIKE YOU WAH WAH


Monday, January 25, 2010

Fashion Posts

So along with writing about random shit all the time, I figure I, along with some co-conspirators will talk about stuff thats going on with us. Maybe the world will find us interesting?

So as of late, the weather has been unseasonable to say the least. Making modern attire difficult. My clothes are either too warm are to cold.. and seeing as how today is January 25th and 8 degrees CELSIUS. That is quite warm for all of you American readers.. assuming anyone ever reads this.

Meteorology makes shoe selection quite difficult. At the present moment, the snow is melting on groggy grey University of Toronto campus and I find myself wearing a 3 week old pair of Adidas Sambas that are actually quite war and versatile.

This but grey. They're nice shoes, don't get me wrong but they're not quite practical for this wet, soggy day.

The sad part is, my main alternative to feeling soaked due to rain is feeling soaked due to sweat.... I present to you the Sorel boot. Probably the biggest mens boot for 2010. I've seen them in a few stores and on a few different very attractive women and some men too.

They're not bad, but SOOOOO warm... too warm.

Tell me internet, am I being silly here? What should I have done? Is there an in between shoe? Whats up with this?