Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's gonna take a lot more the coupons to get us SAVED!!!

KanYe West may be one of the most hated people in the world right now, but.....

actually I have no rebuttal for that. He is and it is UNDENIABLE. Sadly... I am a massive Kanye fan. I appreciate his swagger, rap, beats and style... and his attitude. Recently, Ye was implicated in a scandal that rocked his already tarnished public image. He was spotted with arm candy Amber Rose at a Paris fashion week event. This is absolutely normal for Kanye, but the thing that really set some people off was the couple's attire...

The issue is not with:
-her scantily clad legs
-lack of massive bling

It was the coats that had the terrorists over at PETA a little bit upset. These fine furs may be toasty warm, but in this modern age of futuristic methods of coat manufacturing, is it really necessary to skin X number of chinchillas to make a coat that will likely end up in the closet forgotten?

Kanye's rebuttal, although I am NOT making my views on the fur issue 100% to maintain *integrity* (Yeah right), was actually quite inspiring.

"When it's all said and done, remember the fearless, remember the dreamers, remember those who represent the ghetto ... The fairy tale of nothing to something,"

The response from the icon is exactly what you would expect. Cocky, arrogant, opinionated and seeming useless. But there are indeed messages we can draw from the assertions from the megastar. He talks about how "FASHION EXPERTS" may criticize, but in reality, what do they know anyway. The man wore "Shutter Shades" - while actually living his life. These impractical "sunglasses" are completely ridiculous, but symbolize the cutting edge element to Mr. West. His prowess in dress sets him apart. He is not one to wear "Pret a Porter" nonsense. Only haute couture for Mr. West.

The willingness to make so many people unhappy is what drives change in the world. He is setting trends for Europeans, which is extremely rare in any case! The fur may have been the last straw, and it doesn't help that I googled him this morning and saw that he threw a tantrum on an airplane!

My thoughts.... there are other ways to approach fur.. maybe fake.... but like... INSANELY OBVIOUSLY FAKE. With some whack patterns that look stupid... maybe some colours we havent seen before. Then you run the risk of looking like Snoop Dogg's pimp posse. But still... the fur is overkill 'Ye. It is one thing to represent runways, but another thing to respect creation. You rapped Jesus Walks, but have no intention of letting His Father's creations walk with Jesus too.

You can let Jesus walk with the hustlers, killers, murderers and drug dealers.... even the strippers. But not the animals?

Aside from the noise... just listen to his beats and his rhymes. Hes Brilliant... GAME OVER!

Thanks to Kanye for this weeks soundtrack

Crack Music and Touch the Sky - Kanye West

Till next time peeps