Thursday, February 11, 2010

He shoots, He scores!!!!!!! CONTINUED????

So after reading this particular blog post, I was made scarily aware of a fallacy I had committing regarding the nature of Haleigh King's Toronto Maple Leaf fandom. She cornered me, and VERY angrily alerted me to the fact that she is ALWAYS representing TML in her daily life, showing me her Toronto clad Blackberry to prove it.

With this agression she made an extremely valid point that I must commend her on. She made it clear that it is difficult for females to wear something as masculine as a hockey jersey. I must commend her on her masterful accessorizing and making her TML passion into sexy and feminine options. Jersey party.. case and point!!!!!

Today will also be a 3 post wonder as Amir Torabi has decided to enlighten us on his travels so far this week!

That said, have a great day folks and I'll talk you all later!!

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