Saturday, February 6, 2010


LOL etiquette

I know you're thinking this is probably the dumbest idea for a blog post as there are already numerous facebook groups and notes about LOL.

With these fine groups as examples, you can the see the societal effect of LOL on interactions. Firstly, lets define LOL. Laugh out loud, right? For some it means lots of love, others, lots of luck but for us right here... it will reflect the 1st and most obvious meaning I suggested.

LOL is the most versatile thing in the world. Example.

I really dislike you



does that the dislike ok? In my experience... yes it does. I've sent people the most embarrassing things in my time. Very intimate details and sure enough as soon as the LOL was thrown into the equation all is well. No harm no foul! Has this ever happened to anyone else?

Its sort of like... you sit beside your cell phone crying all night... and you send out a really rough comment... and you type LOL and suddenly it is ALL GOOD. I love that society has allowed these 3 letters to save me from so many awkward situations.

Now if only I could work on my real life awkward LOL moments :S

It is also versatile in the sense that it gives you so many words in such a small place. LOL can mean "I understand exactly what you mean"... it can say "dont worry about how lame that last comment was, I'm still with you!"

sadly and lastly ... LOL is used as the dreadful

"I have nothing left to say, this conversation should be over"


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