Thursday, February 11, 2010

He shoots, He scores!!!!!!!

A common staple in the wardrobe of many men and fewer women is the illustrious genre of sports apparel. Albeit not appropriate for weddings and many other social occasions, sports clothing can actually be the most fun items to wear on a daily basis. Personally, I am know to rock the team that I adamantly support, Juventus. I do this because their kits are generally coloured in a very appealing pallet. Today, I happen to be wearing their 2008 alternate jersey, a sky blue interpretation with some yellows and the typical bianconero insignia on the chest, along with the NEW HOLLAND label written across my chest.

This combination of shades gives me the opportunity to wear colours I really like, without looking like a complete maniac.

The opportunity to wear sports jerseys is actually quite interesting. I love it when I see jerseys that are somewhat uncommon to see, and guessing their top stars that may grace the back of the kit is a hobby of mine. Props to people who buy teams outside of their domestic league they support.

As an avid Serie A follower, I would consider it treason to wear anything other than Juventus paraphernalia for the most part, but in recent months, I've come to accept the legitimacy of foreign leagues! This culminated in me purchasing an '08 Barcelona jersey.

Wearing the "Blaugrana" on my shoulders has been quite a liberating experience as I not only love the way the Catalans play their game, but I also enjoy having UNICEF on my chest along with "El Cant del Barca" on my neck. Their hymn is quite inspiring and I'm all about the things I do meaning something.

In concluding the soccer talk, mad big ups to Angelo Veneziano for actually buying a Werder Bremen Diego jersey, and my condolences for jumping the gun and buying that sucker before you could have picked up a fresh Diego on an infinitely nicer striped sweater. Also, notable mention goes to Domenico Pugliese for reppin the Turin giants 340 days out of the year in some respect. Thats a type of devotion that remains unheard of, and would even puzzle a leaf fan of Haleigh King's calibre.

On the matter of hockey attire, I'm a stupid, stupid leaf fan, and have always been, but my current style prohibits me from wearing my XXXXXXL TML Gilmour 93 sweater. Although I love wearing that shirt on the ice, day to day it becomes difficult. It makes me look silly when I wear slim leg pants and this sleeping bag of a sweater over top.

The newer Reebok models of the jerseys have been tapered and fit more snugly, so a JACKSHOW like Adrian Dalla Corte can wear the jersey, and not worry about having his muscles bulge because they show... AND HOW!

Anyway, my current attire inspired me to talk about sportswear on this lovely Thursday morning. You may not hear from me for a week or so as I will be going on VACATION, so expect a tanned and extremely Euro clad Sal blog for you in the fast approaching future. Also, if anyone thinks along the same lines that I do about anything, feel free to send me a blog post about something that interests you and I'll be more than happy to help you share it with people using my blog space.

Thanks to The Mars Volta - Goliath for my soundtrack this time!

I've been in a such a sick mood recently, hopefully it stays that way despite the LUDICROUS amount of work I need to do in the next week.

Peace and love!

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