Friday, February 12, 2010

Guest Submission - Stephanie Carbone

The second in my series of guest submissions. This one from another up and coming blogger... eventually... The Socialite Tea Party. Keep your eyes PEELED for that one... here is Stephanie Carbone's look at the fashion of Alexander McQueen.

Yesterday, one of the most highly praised and fashion-forward designers of our time passed away suddenly, leaving the fashion world devastated and speechless. Lee Alexander McQueen will forever be remembered not just for his beautifully unique designs, but his ability to present his collections as distinctive works of art. What McQueen accomplished in his life was not merely that of a designer but an ingenious artist, who transformed displays of clothing into avant-garde spectacles, creating fashion shows that were mind-blowing presentations of his work. His technique was one that in the process of creating his shows, sculpting clothes on a woman’s figure became an art that was nothing short of extravagant displays of his extraordinary talent. Today, we will remember McQueen not for his death and not even for the drama that surrounded his life. Instead, we will recall how McQueen spent his time as a monumental element of the fashion world and how great a contribution he truly was, influencing other designers to further push the envelope in eccentric ways and treating clothes as individual art pieces creatively sculpted for the female form.

The English style icon first began as head designer for the illustrious House of Givenchy, filling the enormous shoes of his predecessor, John Galliano. McQueen’s controversial stay with Givenchy lasted only five years. He greatly desired to explore other opportunities in designing and with that, he founded his own labels, Alexander McQueen and McQ, which he has headed since 2001. His unconventional pieces and the element of drama in his style is favourable amongst artists such as Rihanna, Lady GaGa and Bj√∂rk. McQueen has also expressed his ingenuity in the past partnering with Gucci, Puma, and MAC displaying his diversity in all areas of the industry. While he may no longer be with us, the House of Alexander McQueen will forever live on in the world as a showcase of his talent and true originality. Both collections will forever remain examples of what it truly means to bring fashion into the future, to constantly strive to be different and original. The style of the House of Alexander McQueen was widely envied by other designers in the fashion industry but there is no way that it could ever be duplicated – Alexander McQueen was an individual and a legend, and he will be deeply missed.

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  1. great writing Steph... beautiful and eloquent just like you ;);)

    you should really start up your blog.. you know that I will be stalking it like crazy!