Friday, January 29, 2010


SMC's notorious parties have struck again once more. And I like to live by a don't ask don't tell policy. But thats all out the window on this edition of the mens "fashion" blog I was supposedly keeping.


Men and women from the University of Toronto converged on embassy nightclub in downtown Toronto. Many stood in line and entered later on in the evening. Inside the nightclub there were reasonably priced drinks and drink tickets so graciously offered by SMCSU. The theme of the night was "Cowboys and Schoolgirls".

And there you have it... thats the tell all.

It doesn't matter what you saw me doing... i looked pretty fresh though. I dressed as a schoolBOY, wore my good old Joan swag, with jeans, a sweater and shoes that were NOT quite all black. Mad respect to all of my joan folks!!!

The jeans glimmered in the lighting of the club and the shirt served its purpose. To identify me, and make me feel part of the community. Thanks SJA!!!!!

(as an aside, I wore the Sambas as my prototypical schoolboy shoe... we all remember styling it up in indoors as kids. I wore the same green and black Lotto's till the 9th grade!!!!!!)

The music was actually quite good from what I can recall. Mainly DJ DyNASTY!! (Amir Torabi) on the 1s and 2s ripping it up as usual. They actually played stuff I requested at this event. 2 tracks off Angello's release "The Yearbook" - Show me love and LEave this world behind. As well as some Major Lazer which I think is sick. I'm not a dancehall SHANNA PAUL kinda guy... but the vibe on "Pon de floo" is pretty dece!

Back to the club. People get silly and act sillily, but the question looms:

Are drunken actions truly sober thoughts????

I'll leave you with that haunting question.

Till next time, In Spirit and Truth (Bonus points for whoever can tell me where that little quote is from)

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  1. FIRST!

    Your rhetorical question is ridiculous.

    And referencing St. Joan of Arc as many times as you did is a crime.

    Feel shame. Quoting the sadistic school motto does not score you bonus points.