Monday, January 25, 2010

Fashion Posts

So along with writing about random shit all the time, I figure I, along with some co-conspirators will talk about stuff thats going on with us. Maybe the world will find us interesting?

So as of late, the weather has been unseasonable to say the least. Making modern attire difficult. My clothes are either too warm are to cold.. and seeing as how today is January 25th and 8 degrees CELSIUS. That is quite warm for all of you American readers.. assuming anyone ever reads this.

Meteorology makes shoe selection quite difficult. At the present moment, the snow is melting on groggy grey University of Toronto campus and I find myself wearing a 3 week old pair of Adidas Sambas that are actually quite war and versatile.

This but grey. They're nice shoes, don't get me wrong but they're not quite practical for this wet, soggy day.

The sad part is, my main alternative to feeling soaked due to rain is feeling soaked due to sweat.... I present to you the Sorel boot. Probably the biggest mens boot for 2010. I've seen them in a few stores and on a few different very attractive women and some men too.

They're not bad, but SOOOOO warm... too warm.

Tell me internet, am I being silly here? What should I have done? Is there an in between shoe? Whats up with this?

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