Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Language Barrier

For some reason people think I have some special insight into the human mind. Some sort of 7th sense that somehow reads into situations and allows me to give advice resulting in the outcome of their dreams.

Recently, a friend asked me why, when she told a certain male that she needed "TIME" did he run for dear life. All she was implying was that she was not ready to "settle down" or "simma dan nah" as the kids say, but the result was extremely unfavourable for her and now she is left feeling melancholy as the notion of "needing time".

In my years of experience, I can conclude that despite not being too savvy with matters of the heart, I am quite savvy with matters of communication. I currently am addicted to:

-message boards

you get the picture.

All I can say in this situation with extreme certainty is that there was a lapse in communication. As a male, I know that she says "I need time" and I hear, "You're a loser and I want time AWAY from you". It sucks to hear and girls will say "I DIDNT MEAN IT THAT WAY".


You're sounding like a Charlie Brown adult WAH WAH WAH WAH I DONT LIKE YOU WAH WAH


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